Dentistry has changed who I am. Because of it, I became a better person, clinician, and friend. It is not all about fixing teeth. Dentistry is about listening to patients, communicating with them, being their partners on the dental journey, and so much more. I am excited, each day, to be part of my patients’ lives, as they are part of mine.

Ever since I moved from Korea, I have been given so much love and support from a lot of people in the community. I always wanted to be in a position where I can give back to people in need and that is why I love my profession. Everything I do, as a dentist, is about helping people be happier and healthier.

~ Dr. Kwang Hyo Kim

Dr. Kim believes in building good communication with every patient. An attentive and non-judgmental listener, he encourages his patients to be honest about their concerns and wishes. This approach to dentistry has dual benefits: it shows the individual that he cares about who they are and what they want in terms of dental care, while also building a relationship. As patients learn that Dr. Kim genuinely cares about who they are, beyond their dental needs, they come to trust him and feel confident in the care he recommends.

Education and Experience

Prior to practicing dentistry, Dr. Kim completed his:

Dr. Kim has practiced dentistry for six years. He appreciates being able to help patients by improving their oral health and improving their enjoyment of life by ensuring their smiles are bright and lovely.

Continuing Education and Professional Affiliations

Since completing dental school, Dr. Kim has avidly sought out opportunities to further enhance his skills, knowledge, and abilities. Through active continuing education (CE), he is able to learn from leading practitioners and researchers, staying current on advancements in techniques, technologies, and materials.

Among his ongoing CE, Dr. Kim has completed advanced studies with the Kois Center and the Global Dental Implant Academy. Evidence-based dentistry, as taught by the Kois Center, allows him to deliver quality dental care with confidence. Knowledge and training based on evidence provide the best predictability and longevity of dental restorations for Dr. Kim’s patients.

Beyond the Practice

Dr. Kim grew up in Seoul, South Korea and West Seattle, Washington. He now resides in Issaquah with his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Jamie Kwon. The couple has two little boys who keep the household on the go. The family loves their time together, enjoying local parks, trying new activities, and exploring restaurants and places.

In addition to the artistic skills Dr. Kim applies to his patients’ oral health, he is also an avid photographer. He started learning about photography in order to capture images of his kids but the passion swiftly grew and now he’s rarely found without his camera.